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Morris-Special Needs' Sponsorship Page
Morris-Special Needs

Poor Morris was rescued as a young kitten when he was found living along the railroad tracks. His owner meant well, but took him in and never brought him to a vet. Additionally, he allowed Morris to stay outside unattended, where he was attacked by other cats. Luckily, an STC volunteer found out what was going on and got involved. The man who was taking care of him, said that he really didn't want to keep him. Therefore, STC stepped up to help. We brought Morris to our vet, where his wounds were taken care of, he was neutered, vaccinated, and tested negative for FELV/FIV. Morris has been recovering in the saftey of foster care, and is now ready for adoption. Please be Morris's hero, and give him the forever home that he has been waiting for. Morris is very friendly, but would be best with no small children as he sometimes snaps quite a bit due to being overstimulated! He would be very happy in a safe indoor/outdoor situation or simply staying indoors.

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